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Our free app connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth or to your computer via USB cable, making it easy to sync, track, and manage your blood glucose results and share them with your healthcare providers, family, and friends.

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POGO Automatic® Cartridges

The all-in-one innovation that delivers 10 complete tests with no additional lancets or test strips to dispose of. Everything you need to test is included in each cartridge.

Cartridges are available for purchase right here in the POGO store. Click below to view our various, no long term commitment subscription options.

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Our live, one-on-one health coaching program pairs you with a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist to provide personalized support, guidance and resources to manage your diabetes, health and well-being.

This optional service is available for purchase as a monthly subscription in the POGO store for only $25/month, with no long term commitment.

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