Freedom, at your fingertip.

Meet POGO Automatic®, a One-Step™, automatic blood glucose meter. It's the freedom to test discreetly, anytime, anywhere, and any place that works for you.

Just turn it on and Press Once. GO!

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It starts with the

press of your finger...

  • It starts

    with the

    press of

    your finger...

From there, the POGO Automatic

quickly and accurately tests your

blood glucose levels, displaying it

within seconds

  • Innovative

Never handle separate lancets

or test strips again

  • Convenient

Never feel awkward about

where, or when to test

Complexity made simple.

Test strips, lancets, and

lancing devices are all built into

a 10-test cartridge that fits in

your POGO Automatic meter.

It's that simple.

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Note: 1 cartridge has 10 tests

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* The POGO Automatic Meter is valued at $68.
To receive this meter offer, a cartridge order is required.

Technical Specifications

Display: LCD with backlight
Test time: 4-second countdown
Memory capacity: 500 test results
Test averages: 7, 14, 30, 90 days
Blood sample size: 250 nanoliters (.25 microliters)
Battery: Two AAA alkaline batteries (do not use rechargeable)
Battery life: Approximately 500 tests
Data transfer: Bluetooth to Patterns app; USB to Patterns website
Size: 4” x 2” x 1.5”
Weight: 3.4 ounces with batteries
Unit of measure: mg/dL
Result range: 20-500 mg/dL
Operating temperature: 50°F – 104°F

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We've got answers

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